American Reichstag Fire 9/11

New Pearl Harbor for Old Neocons

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9/11 Truth Movement
It just keeps getting more and more obvious all the time that we are very likely not getting the truth about 9/11 - which the Bush administration and its corporatist media mouthpiece has been hammering into us as "the event that changed America forever" - in such a way as to suggest that it's really important to Team Bush that we believe this DID 'change us forever' - whether it originally did or not. While it certainly changed the lives of the people of New York, and the lives of those people permanently injured in the attacks, and the lives of anyone related to the victims. As for the rest of us - did the attacks change us, or have they been used as a focus for a manufactured zeitgeist?

If we've been "changed" by the attacks, it has mostly because of all the media hype surrounding 9/11. A huge, unprecedented conflict with the outside world, especially the Arabic world, has been manufactured by the first ever United States president to enter office who lost an election instead of winning it...a conflict that has led to a pre-emptive war in Iraq under false pretenses and to a frightening de-Americafication of America.

All because of 9/11. It has to be wondered. Did Bush and Co. hire bin Laden and co. to attack America so that Bush could answer the voices he hears in his head telling him to be a "war president", whether coming from God, the Devil or his own screwed-up head...and if so, why? To jumpstart Armageddon? So Cheney could funnel a huge piece of defense contracting to his favourite oil company? To begin a new world order? All of the above?

It would have sounded crazy, absolutely daft, before 2001. But now it is 2007, three years after I began this blog, and it's just craziness after craziness that we get expected to believe and often to support. These days, it just doesn't look so nutty or paranoid any more to wonder about this. The polls show more and more Americans are doubting the story they were told and now we're reaching the watershed as the mainstream media finally removes its blinders since it has always had to follow the masses to make money. And the counterattacks grow more and more vicious, desperate, and...lunatic.

In 1936 the Nazis were just starting to take over Germany. They started a fire in the Reichstag, sort of the Weimar Republic's equivalent of the halls where the American Congress meets, and blamed it on scattered communists who were in opposition to them. The fire made Hitler and Goering very pleased, much too pleased. It was referred to again and again as evidence that a strict order was needed in Deutschland.

The rest, as you know, is history - the kind we'd rather forget and yet must never allow ourselves to. YES, WE MUST "NEVER FORGET", as the pro-Bush patriots used to say. Notice how they're not the ones saying it anymore? They're looking at the evidence - not the kook crap about UFOs and missiles (although some of that MIGHT be true, it's really just speculation; there's much more evidence in the 9/11 timelines showing government complicity by standdown and cover-up, which is PROVEN already. It's much more important to pay attention to the provable.

Is 9/11 an American version of the Reichstag fire, an excuse for any atrocity that this president - who looks to be losing his mental marbles more and more each month - wishes to commit?

You do not necessarily have to believe "Bush dialed 911", but you at least should believe that the available evidence suggests that such a consideration is not beyond the realm of plausibility.This possibility must be ACKNOWLEDGED, and then INVESTIGATED (by non-partisan, non-Bush-handpicked investigators) and the results ACTED ON if we ever want to have pride and faith in this country again...so it had better happen soon.